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      Kellie Agueze, the founder of Warrior Apparel started Warrior Apparel on April 27, 2017. At the time, she could barely make ends meet and had been serving her community as a Family Nurse Practitioner for more than a decade.  Kellie had no idea of the miracle God was about to perform in her life.

      Kellie designed the “I believe in Miracles t-shirt” for what she thought would be a one time event, “ A night of Miracles” healing revival in Ada, Oklahoma. She did not have the money to have the t-shirts printed so she posted a picture of the design on her social media platform. Her prayer was for 500 miracle t-shirts to be purchased so that all who attended the healing revival in Ada would be unified. Faithful supporters began to purchase the shirt and as they did countless “miracle” testimonies began to come forth through emails, pictures, and social media posts. Thousands can testify to date that the moment they received their package in the mail they could feel the anointing of God and shortly after they witnessed all sorts of miracles.  Since this time, Warrior Apparel has continued to expand and now offers a large variety of faith-based items. Each item reminds the sons and daughters of God of His faithful promises found in His Holy Word.

      Every customer of warrior apparel is prayed for and each package contains a “you’ve been prayed for sticker” as a reminder. To date, thousands of “ I believe in miracles” t-shirts have been shipped all over the world. The result continues to be miracle after miracle. Kellie constantly reminds her faithful social media supporters known as the Warrior Nation to “never despise the day of small beginnings”.  God is the God of miracles and He has a tendency of making something out of nothing.